Where does the treasure hunt start?

The game starts on Kampa island on the street "U Sovových mlýnů". The island is situated under the Charles bridge. Our guide will be waiting for you at the agreed time by the big statues of babies.

50°05'03.2"N 14°24'30.2"E

Where does the treasure hunt finish?

The coffer holding the treasure is hidden next to the Rose garden (Růžový sad) on the top of Petřín hill.

50°04'50.4"N 14°23'51.1"E (These are the coordinates of the Rose garden, not of the treasure :-)

And what to do on the summit?

Once you are on the top it would be a shame not to use the opportunity. What about visiting the Petřín tower (Petřínská rozhledna)? This unique tower has been a dominant element of the hill since 1891. Do not miss the mirror maze that is just next to the tower. If you like the architecture, visit Strahov monastery (Strahovský klášter) where you can not only admire baroque architecture but also refresh in the pub where local beer is brewed. Another baroque ecclesiastical complex is just around the corner - Loreta. And when you are in Loreta you can visit also the Prague Castle (Pražský hrad), that is just a 5 minute walk away.

In case you want to come down from the hill quickly, you can use the funicular railway (lanová dráha).

Is it suitable for us?

Yes of course it is.

The treasure hunt is intended for families with children from 5 years old. Younger children can of course participate as well.

One requirement is the participation of at least one adult. Because the text of the hunt is in English, it is necessary that at least one member ot the group understands English.

How long does the game take and how long is the route?

The game takes about 2,5 to 3 hours, depending on your group's ability. During this time, you will walk about 3 kilometers (2 miles).

How can we pay?

The price is to be paid in cash at the starting point of the game. We accept Czech crowns and Euros.

The nearest ATM is situated at Mostecká street, just behind towers of the Charles bridge.

How and when to make a reservation?

Reservations are required at least 2 days in advance. Please, use our booking system or call +420 723 46 82 09.

Do you have any further questions?

Please, contact us.

We are looking forward to you